I gave up trying to preach and taught myself to listen, Across a sea of feeling the pain began to glisten.

Gutless Wonder, 2017

Gutless Wonder is a multidisciplinary artist who mainly focuses on digital sculpture and 3D animation. Positivity and curiosity drive Gutless Wonder to create concepts, characters and environments that explore humans and our place in the multiverse.

A private and paranoid spirit-form, nobody knows when work will make its way to Gutless Wonder's social media or website. Sometimes it exists purely offline for people to discover irl. Like the Lithogenes wahari, Gutless Wonder is rarely seen or heard but in 2018, in an expansion of their natural habitat, they will be commercially represented by BlinkArt.

For direct communication attempts please email beck@gutlesswonder.me

For commercial enquiries please email helen@blinkart.co.uk

gutless wonder